History of the company

The company «MARTINI RUS»™, founded in 2015, is a Russian manufacturer of innovative lighting equipment. The head office of the company and production departments are located in Moscow.

The founder of the company «MARTINI RUS»™ is the leading Italian lighting company MARTINI, working in the field of lighting and manufacturing lighting equipment since 1925. For many years, MARTINI has been committed to light, speaking the language of modern interior and exterior architecture and design – a universal language that knows no boundaries and stands out for its international meaning.

In 1999, MARTINI products were first introduced to Russian specialists in the field of lighting engineering, and, having received the highest marks and reviews, since the beginning of 2000, they have been actively used in a wide variety of projects in the Russian Federation.

In order to meet the growing demand for high-quality lighting solutions, in 2003, MARTINI opened a full-fledged branch in Moscow, and in 2005 in Saint-Petersburg, which work and on the present.

For more than a 10-year period, the employees of the branches have recommended themselves as highly professional experts in the field of lighting, who know all the subtleties, specifics and features of the Russian market for lighting engineering, based on the long-term experience of the Italian company, whose solutions are used by Russian architects, designers, builders.

The result of such work on the territory of the Russian Federation today is the implementation of more than two thousand projects using lighting equipment MARTINI.

The production Company «MARTINI RUS»™ was created in strict accordance with the high standards of MARTINI and operates according to the same principles as all the enterprises of the company.

The scope of the company «MARTINI RUS»

Production of professional lighting equipment for:

  • architectural and landscape lighting of urban objects;
  • indoor lighting of offices;
  • interior lighting of hotels;
  • interior lighting of shops, car dealerships and exhibitions;
  • lighting private apartments and residences.
  • full range of works and services related to the implementation of lighting projects.

The company «MARTINI RUS»™ specializes in providing modern and customized solutions in the field of lighting. Thanks to many years of experience and professionalism of all employees of the company, «MARTINI RUS»™ can offer the most innovative and advanced products in terms of performance and design. The individual requirements of each project are carefully evaluated in order to choose the optimal solution and assess the effect of light on humans and the environment in strict accordance with the standards for indoor and outdoor lighting. A team of experienced lighting designers will carry out calculations of illumination and develop a lighting concept taking into account the characteristics and specifics of your object.

A wide range of products manufactured taking into account all Russian norms and peculiarities of the Russian climate will allow implementing projects of various scales and complexity, both for the implementation of the concept of architectural and artistic lighting, and for interior and landscape lighting. A clear, professional and well-coordinated work of the company’s team allows you to quickly solve any problem of providing facilities with lighting equipment.

The technical department will carry out the pre and post sales consultations.

The company’s logistics department will ensure timely delivery of lighting equipment to the facility.

Our manufacture

Наше производство

«MARTINI RUS»™ is the largest manufacturer of lighting products, the result of joint creative and technological efforts of enterprises in Italy and Russia. A wide range of lighting equipment «MARTINI RUS»™ is represented by the most popular models of lamps, spotlights, modular lighting systems.

The company conducts manufacturing on a new production base. Our manufacture is equipped with modern, high-tech equipment and meets European standards.

In the production of our products, we use component parts only of world and Russian leading manufacturers in this field. In the development of fixtures was taken into account the vast experience of well-known European and domestic manufacturers.

The entire manufacturing cycle is carried out at our own industrial facilities, which allows us to manufacture lamps for individual customer orders, and leaves a huge creative space for our development engineers. It also gives the opportunity to provide 2 years of full warranty on our products, with the subsequent post-warranty service. If necessary, you can extend the warranty period to 5 years by entering into an individual agreement.