In addition to the main activities for the production of lighting products, the specialists of «MARTINI RUS»™ provide a range of high-quality services of the development of the concept of lighting, the design of systems for indoor and outdoor lighting, decorative and landscape, architectural and office lighting. The development of the lighting concept is one of the most important stages of project preparation. It includes the following sections:

  • concept development;
  • modeling of light;
  • 3D visualization of lighting models and conceptual solutions;
  • budget estimate – for the developed concept.

At the end of this stage, the customer receives a detailed proposal with descriptions of lighting effects, equipment used and technical characteristics, including budget calculation and visualization in 3D.

Lighting designing

After agreeing on the concept of lighting and the budget, a project specification is being prepared, which consists of the following sections.

Lighting part:

  • illumination calculation;
  • graphic representation of the distribution of illumination;
  • selection and placement of lighting devices, preparation of targeting schemes.

Selection and supply of equipment

We use the equipment we produce. When conducting project work, this gives us the opportunity to choose the optimal product that fully complies with the technical and commercial requirements of the project. In addition to standard equipment, we have the opportunity to make lighting equipment under the order, based on customer requirements. The stable, well-developed logistics system of our company makes it possible to clearly and timely fulfill the contractual obligations assumed to supply equipment. All of the above factors allow us to remain a reliable partner in the supply of equipment to our customers.